like the goats

I want to be able to run about like the goats do
Johanna Spyri, Heidi

img_1790_This year I’m living in Switzerland, being an aupair for a big family. Au pair means to work and live in a foreign country with a host family and help them with the childcare and household.

I have a great opportunity to be an au pair for few families in the Ecovillage Ökodorf Sennrüti.

I didn’t come alone, Mico Maco my dear fellow monkey, he is doing a great job. He came the same day as my old brother was born, they are 28 years old now!
His favourite game is hide-and-seek, usually he is in high places. He likes to eat almost everything, but his favourite meal is dry leaves and wood chips. Watch out! He poo as well most of the things that he just eat… Children and catalan people love it.

Photo by anna cortadelles


My Pippi Långstrumpf from Sweden  (see my year in Gotland where Pippi was living) looks to Heidi from Switzerland.

Yes to brave and wild girls!
Now I’m in Degersheim, near Zurich, city where Yohanna Spyri, was born. Heidi, a novel from 1879.

The TV serie that I was looking at my grandmother’s house, is from Japan. The director is Isao Takahata



Nothing you become will disappoint me; I have no preconception that I’d like to see you be or do. I have no desire to forsee you, only to discover you. You can’t disappoint me.
– Mary Haskell

51uacs8b8fl-_sx329_bo1204203200_Denise gave me so inspiring book, from Naomi Aldort “Raising our children, Raising Ourselves”. Such a great present, I havemany opportunities to observe myself and change how I nourish my relation with children!








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