Permaculture websites

To evaluate a good graphic communication we measure the comprehension by the audience.
How are the Permaculture websites designed?
The idea of this short articles is to research few good websites and see which aspects make them a different, attractive and clear.
Based on my personal experience. The examples were found by using Google search engine.

1. Permacultura Les Vinyes

Les Vinyes

  • quality and well organized photos and hompepage, full width images
  • tagline easy and clear to understand their prupose
  • interactive buttons
  • social media and agenda update, and not so distractive on the homepage
  • short and clear navigationbar, Menu
  • short videos by different topic which make trustful the project
  • low visual complexity, two main coulours
2. Permaculture Principles


  • slider in homepage, with full width and clear photos
  • use of pictograms and colours easy to recognize
  • simple online shop 
  • extensive resources
  • examples and contribution from around the world
3. Permakultur Stjärnsund



  • empathic, persuasive, bright, high quality videos
  • organized documentation about the place
  • care for social media but is not distractive on the web
4. Permaculture Institute


  • guide in the homepage, “read more” helps the user to navigate
  • visible contact and address in homepage



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