To celebrate the end of my EVS!

IMG_3511_redI went up to north. For few months I was keeping some pocket money to go there, somehow was my dream, to go to the mountains, as Nils Holgersson the young pojken…


Kebneikaise is the tallest mountain in Sweden, it takes 12 hours to go up. Well, for the catalan Killian Jornet just took 2 hours to run up there :)



3 thoughts on “Kebneikaise

  1. Really beautiful Clara. This is how I imagine that you would look like if you were a landscape. Also like the colour of that woolen shirt you used to wear.

  2. Yes, really powerful images…while looking at them I felt like they were talking to me, touching me…. I guess it is because all the feelings that are inside the big soul that has taken them. Clareta, thank you very much for sharing with us a bit of your experience in Suderbyn. I am really looking forward meeting you, hopefully up high in some mountain, and listen to your stories.

    Una abraçada molt gran bonica

    “La vida sense amor és com un arbre sense flors o fruits”. Khalil Gibran

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