and is autumn equinox again

The last days in Suderbyn were very intense as well as really emotionally moments. Steven, Kalle, Nele and me were moving out of Suderbyn. New period for the Ecovillage and for us, with new EVSers hopefully will come back in spring!

Basically last days we were packing and finishing some works, like writing our final report or painting the brown cabin:


IMG_2798_green cabin

As well as laying in the bed doing nothing with Nils, oh, my dear Nils, what a great Zen teacher!

Spending few days in Uppsala with Kalle. We were in the forest, the autumn was already there: guess which basket is mine and wich one Kalle’s :-P


Steven and Tussebul.


Last weeks I was feeling not good, Annette was helping me by making this tea herbs. By living in community taking care of each other is essential.

IMG_2831_claras_tea Nele fixing the tomatoes :) It was not the best vegetable growing out in horse-shoe, they grow better inside the green house, but is really nice to have those tiny ones as a delicatessen for salad:IMG_2998_neleIMG_2962_salad

Some friday vegan pizza, delicious…


Pernilla and Andrea where harvesting more vegetables, we like them all: small, big, colorful or not…IMG_3061_

As every week, we had a plan of works to do: Garden, Office, Building and Other.

Hej då Suderbyn! It is too early to do and evaluation of my whole year: so much!! Suderbyn community has open my life incredibly.

Drawing by Steven, inspired by Nils Holgersson book.IMG_3058_nils in suderbyn

Last weekend we all went to South, to Hanna’s place in Burgsvik. She have some land with Gotlandic sheeps, they have them for the wool and for eat.
When looking their eyes, how much respect I had, how quickly we became close to each other, how wonderful they are, I would like to improve my animal communication because there is so much we have to be aware from animals!
IMG_2873_cuties Suderbyn crew in South, the last fire camp together.IMG_2930_south

Has been a great pleasure to write a blog in a personal point of view, not always easy to share all the aspects of community life in a Ecovillage :) But that´s challenging, as living in community, where I could really open myself and develop different aspects, which I really appreciate.
How powerful and wonderful year. I´m inspired to continue doing my best, I do believe of holistic way of living from Ecovillages. What a great opportunity I had. Thanks EVS program!!!!


4 thoughts on “and is autumn equinox again

    1. Thanks Hanna, I could really learn about your enthusiasm ;) I wish to continue learning about journalism and photography!
      Tack och kram!!

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