Patatoes time! We experiment to plant the potatoes with two different techniques, to see wich one works better. The soil for the potatos have to be around 6 to 8º C. The layers are cardboard, chicken poo, compost, straw and hay.IMG_0395_potatis4

Some hay that was in our forest for quite long time.IMG_0390_potatis3

Steven and Kalle working with the layers.IMG_0392_potatis2

Nele making some holes.IMG_0362_potatis

Our male duck, Tobias call him Peter. IMG_0356_peter

The female duck, I call her Beatrix. IMG_0335_louise ankaDucks crew waiting for some grain.

IMG_0409_duck crew

This weekend Pernilla, me and the children, Tobias and William, we made the list of the vegetables for one hugelbed: Majrova, Sallad, Palsternacka, Mangold and some flowers.IMG_0529_listThe seeds from the list.IMG_0516_

In Suderbyn we like to experiment, so Tobias and me decided also to plant some feathers (duck and hens), just to see what happens :)



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