Easter week

Tomorrow Katrien and me we are going to IAL (the SCI swedish branch) seminar “Peace Facilitator”. We will be around 27 people, including trainers and kitchen team, born in about 15 countries, to Älvsjö in Stockholm, to explore how we can make peace using nonviolent communication and learn more about how to work with this in the role of a campleader.
Nele, soon she will go to Rome for another SCI seminar for the Create a Climate for Peace campaing, more info here: www.sciint.org/climate-justice-campaign

Nele, Katrien and me we are the group from Suderbyn taking care and working to make this volunteer camp possible. We will have it the first week of August, and our workcamp is now online! So we are excited and happy :)  www.workcamps.info/icamps/SE-IAL/


We are working hard, we have quite a lot of work and tasks for Suderbyn and for SCI. But meanwhile, in Suderbyn our cats seems to enjoy the calm Easter time…

And, the pumpkins are starting to grow!! :)



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