learn and celebrate

Friday. We are at the end of the week, and after lunch, as always, we had the evaluation meeting of the week. Also, we give us feedback and we talk about our communication methods, and how we can have more efficient meetings. Then, we went to our Tree of Life (our sacred Oak tree) to hold hands together and say thank you for this intense week, being grateful and celebrating all what we have done!IMG_9034-newbed

One new bed (area where we will plant). The idea is to use the water from the pond.
In other raised beds we are experimenting with Hugelkultur, logs inside the bed they will decompose (fertility, long term nutrients for plants), they will keep heat and water for the plants.


Also we start some renovating areas, and think some ideas about how we can feel and work better in the common spaces.
Drawing by Steven.


We are making the plan for next few months, organizing the seeds and starting the growing season! Drawings by Florian.


Katrien cooking in the wood-burning stove


Simply delicious healthy food, as always!


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