Produced in 2009 in Niedersachsen, Germany, hand assembling by Leiba

Size: lenght 217 cm, width 87 cm, height 117 cm.
Weight: 35 kg.
Fuel: muscular force, provided mainly by local products. Propulsion has direct curative effect on driver.
Lighting is dirven by 12V battery.

  • zero emission
  • fossil fuel-independent
  • no hazard for vulnerable road users
  • size adapted for individual daily applications
  • fun to ride!

Advantages over the cycle:

  • streamlined for low resistance against wind,
  • 25% faster than cycle
  • comfortable during rain
  • much better against slipping
  • adjustable cabin climate
  • easily visible to cars
  • generate smiles from all passing! IMG_7633-velomobile



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