annual garden evaluation

January: there is a very calm feeling outside.

In our 7 horseshoes (we say “horseshoe” to each piece of land where we grow vegetables, they are curved and half-circle shape like a horshoe).
It’s time to do the year-planning for our vegetable garden. Before that, we need to evaluate how it was this past year.

We made a list of topics to start to think and write about it. Based on that results, later on we will do a new plan for this 2014.

  • Planning

  • Vegetables: (make table, time planted/sowed) (in advance)
    – How well did the vegies grow? Where there any surprises? Good or bad?
    – Certain varieties that grow well or poorly?
    – Pests/diseases? What did we do? Did it worked?
    – Did we eat everything harvested?
    – Do we need more or less from certain vegies (strategie)? What to plant and what to buy?

  • Different works: Did it work well or not?
    – Preperation soil
    – Sowing inside/outside
    – Maintenance: weeding, watering, specific work
    – Harvesting vegies and seeds
    – Conservation and storage

  • Cooperation
    – Workload→ garden too large or can we go bigger?
    – Time
    – Tools
    – Fun

  • Natural conditions
    – climate, landscape, water, soil, pollution…

    Learn for next year and celebrate the food we had from our garden!


Nele with carrots from October

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