En höna

This time of the year, our chickens reduce their production of laying eggs, because of the light.

“In searching for their food, chickens scratch with their clawed feet. Hens begin to lay at about 22-24 weeks of age if raised under naturalistic conditions and, dependig on breed, may lay an egg nearly ever day during warm seasons. After two years, most hens will be layin at about half the rate of the first year. They can continue laying sporadically for more than 20 years though most growers will replace them long before then.”

Bane, Peter. The permaculture hand book. 2012, New Society Publishers.

IMG_5231- IMG_5203-IMG_3725-hönshus

Few weeks ago our chicken Mica (mica in catalan means “a little bit” ) died. She was very young and weak, we don’t know exacly why.



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