what is like to be a bird?

This morning I found this dead Partridge, Perdix Perdix. When we walk on the field, usually they fly a short distance, often saying ….”rick rick rick”… as it rises. They are a seed-eating species, but the young can also eat some insects. The partents lead their chicks to the edges of cereal fields and they are non-migratory terrestrial species.

IMG_4665-3 IMG_4666-2 IMG_4674-1

In Suderbyn we have some bird house, the great or blue tit (Parus major and Parus caeruleus), and other passerine birds (like common sparrow) use this wood houses. Now they don’t use them, but is time to check if they are empty, if is too full could be good to clean it for next spring.


Carefully checking some of the houses, there was one egg, it was very cold, so it’s dead.


In the field few days ago, also some bird traces: feathers of unidentified bird… probably eaten by our cats.

IMG_4275-1 IMG_4282-3 IMG_4298-5IMG_4274- IMG_4309-4

” (…) breathe out
breathe out
and let it reach you
If you think you have seen it, you are mistaken
If you think you have felt it, you are wrong
It is closer, and yet closer
Beyond intimacy and illumination
Say good bye to all you know
The birds are telling it to you
Light is all there is

Lars Schmidt, blog Natural Circus


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