3 basic elements

Jan Martin Bang, Ecovillages

  • One leg represents the PERSONAL

How do I relate to myself? What is my experience of the world? What spirtual or ideological stand do I take? How do I combine my experiences and my ideas with my upbringing and my traditions?

  • The second leg represents the SOCIAL

How do I relate to my fellow human beings, my family, my friends? What kind of relationship do I want to develop with them? What kind of social structures do we want to live in? How can we develop together the kind of relationships which might allow me to grow as a human being?

  • The third leg represents the ECOLOGICAL

What is our relationship to the geology, the flora, and fauna of our particular site? What kind of impact do we make upon the natural world? How do we supply our needs? How do we design our physical structures? What kind of materials do we use? What kinds of energy do we use?



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