the welcome tree

We have this majestic oak tree (Quercus) in the entrance of Suderbyn:


We want to make him our “welcome tree”. But what this can mean? Maybe a symbol to connect ourselvs to the place…. Here I collect some inspiration, next step will be to think some ideas to do it !

Richard Long :



Andy Goldsworthy:


Fina Miralles:


Giuseppe Penone:

1_penone th


Zander Olsen:




Begin by standing or sitting, and becoming aware of the environment around you.

Now move your awareness to your body, and start to move the focus of your attention slowly down from the top of your head, relaxing into your awareness of your body as you do so.

Relax your eyes and mouth, release any tension in the shoulders, and gradually move your awareness down through your torso and legs to the soles of your feet.
Feel your feet planted firmly on the earth.

Imagine roots travelling deep down into the soil, and sense these great strong roots spreading wide and deep beneath you.
Feel the nourishment and energy from the earth travelling up these roots now, until you sense again the soles of your feet.

Feel the energy flowing up your body as you move your awareness slowly, with love and acceptance, up your body: up your legs, your thighs, your torso and arms, your chest, your neck, your head.
When you reach the top of your head, just let go of this movement of awareness and rest in an awareness of just Being…

Still and calm, breathing in and breathing out.


Identify with the tree, imagine roots coming from your legs and the bottom of your spine to descend deep into Mother Earth.

These roots are your connection to the earth, they will help ground you and bring nourishment to you.

Imagine now, branches reaching up into the sky from your shoulders, and from the top of your head, reaching up and becoming one with time and space, to the Cosmic Father.

Draw from the air, energy, purity and light down into your body to connect you with the Source.



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