on arrival training for EVS

Last week, Nele and me, we were in Stockholm (outside the city, in Kärsögården) , in our “on arrival training“. It was the first meeting with others volunteers EVS around Sweden. They are doing many different projects: working with immigrants, about disabilities, culture… We were the only ones who are working and living at the same time, in enviromnental and ecological perspective.

In the training, thanks to our leader Mia, we were talking about formal / informal / non-formal education, about the YouthPass, the culture sterotypes, how to work with local community,  how to document our learning… And of course about our hopes and fears during our stay in Sweden: for this we made a timeline, we will use again in mid-term meeting, in February, when we will meet again to see how it is going. Even one afternoon we had a meeting with the National Agency, to ask more deep questions about  EVS program.

We had a good time together and we don’t have to forget our “fika” time :) Fika in swedish means “cofee time” and during the training we had many fika times! Twice a day, with cookies and supernice cakes included !

For me, it was a important and good week to realise and think my stay in our Suderbyn Ecovillage. I was really proud to be there and feel the contrast in our daily life in the city… Sometimes everything is more clear when you go away. And I thought that I’m (we) are living in holistic way our project / our life ! I am here for more than one month, and it is quite enough time to see the routine, know the people, start new projects, and see the real opportunites. I’m enjoying so much my intense time in Suderbyn… and EVS is a very open project where we can decide what and how to do it. So my expectations and hopes for this year are so high, I promise that I will do my best to join and grow with (and for) the community.


After the training, with Nele we were in Stockholm, we stay in Lorena and Edu’s house! They are a catalan couple living there, and Lorena has been a camp leader with SCI workcamps in Sweden (IAL). It was very nice to meet them, because we have in common many things (and people! ) They were very kind to us, and they offer us their bikes and we feel superfree to cycle around sunny Stockholm :)

During the days, I realise that she, Nele, was the best from my month in Sweden. We arrive the same day in Suderbyn, and we share more than our white wood house. Feelings, opinions, during our arrival, in our trip, and in the training. I start to love her so much * * *IMG_2550-clara-nele-1


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