wool course

Last week we were in Visby, in the Handicrafts center ” Hemslöjdsförening ” to attend a wool workshop. First day we learn about how to carder the wool, with hand carders, as Katrien in this photo:



IMG_1953-Then, to make a wool yarn. We need to roll the drop spindle :



If we wish to change the color, we can make natural tint: boiling the peel of onions with the yarn and it will be yellow:


Also we practice to felt, using hot water with soap (the same as we use to clean the dishes)

We spray this water on the wool:


Then, slowly and with a lot of care, we rub the wool, till it gets smaller and thiner:IMG_1967-



At the end, when it’s dry, we can finishing our felt using needle and more yarn to make whatever we want : IMG_2010-the end

We made small pockets, bags, pillows… and amazing hats !!


Many thanks to our kind teacher Birgitta :) ! We hope that we can continue to work with wool in Suderbyn, we don’t have any gotlandic sheeps (yet) but we know people that can give us some wool.

Usually for each sheep, more or less there is 2 kg of wool every year, and its only necessary to do it once a year, at the end of spring.

The teacher also recomend us some great projects, like this one “ Re Rag Rug ” two girls recycling the wool to make super cool rugs: http://reragrug.blogspot.se


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