happy summer!

Bis bald, liebe Alpen.walking with the Alps


a place to belong

Just finished the story about the evening that God Pan met the dangerous Medusa.
Was during a placid Saturday dinner…


Lately can’t stop to use gliter on my drawings! But miss Medusa deserved it…
And Gold obviously for the most beautiful Walnut table I’ve ever seen :)



design to re-nourish

Very happy to touch and fully read the new Re-nourish book.
Great to read and see the friends from La PAGE as an example of Case Studie!


Design to Renourish is a book for graphic designers that helps to integrate sustainability into their workflow through a design process called systems thinking. This process asks the graphic designer to approach a design problem by being more informed and aware of and influenced by the impacts that material and vendor choices have on one another, the planet, and consequently on us.

Es gibt Menschen, die können nie nach Phantasien kommen, und es gibt Menschen, die können es, aber sie bleiben für immer dort. Und dann gibt es noch einige, die gehen nach Phantasien und kehren wieder zurück. Und sie machen beide Welten gesund. 

Michael Ende